A story about the untapped opportunities for our Kansas Children.

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Educational opportunities in Kansas can be amongst the best in the nation…

… If we focus on students, learn from the example of states like Florida. But students are not thriving in Kansas. More money is not helping them achieve.

This movie tells the story of how Florida implemented a public education reform that improved student achievement from being one of the worst-performing states to one of the best. During the same time, Kansas dramatically increased education spending with virtually no increase in student achievement.

Families Need Opportunites Now More Than Ever.

There are more high school students below grade level than are on track for college and career.

Kansas Department of Education, 2019 state assessment. 

More Money Is Not Helping Students Acheive.


$5 billion in aid targeted to close achievement gaps was not spent in accordance with state law.

KSDE, At Risk Funding increases since 2005; Kansas Division of Legislative Post Audit.

Voters Want Schools to Open.

Low-Income students are more than 2 grade-levels behind their peers.


30% of Johnson County high school students are below grade level, and less than half are on track for college and career.


Only 23% of Kansas graduates who took the ACT test are college-ready in core subjects.


34% of high school students read below grade level…


… While only 29% are on track for college and career.

(the ESA program is grade-level based, not income)


41% of high school students are below grade level in math…


… and only 25% are on track.
State education funding this year is expected to increase
Total per-pupil funding is expected to exceed



Kansas Department of Education, Kansas Legislative Research, ACT

What is the Solution For Kansas?


Money-follow-the-child programs for students below grade level, students with disabilities, or in schools that teach objectionable content like critical race theory.


A-F Grading for every school based on the state assessment, with bonuses to schools that improve a letter grade.


3rd-Grade Reading Initiative; the vast majority of students not reading proficiently by the third grade will never catch up.

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Educational opportunities in Kansas can be amongst the best in the nation if we focus on students, learn from the example of states like Florida, and move past the partial truths and talking points of “supporting public schools.”

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While Indiana is busy expanding school choice eligibility from 37,000 to 48,000 students, Kansas legislators are resisting even slight changes to existing school choice programs.

Kansas is #38 in bang for the educational buck

Contrary to unsubstantiated claims by some education officials, Kansas has very low student achievement productivity, ranking #38 among the states.

Schools should educate, not indoctrinate with critical race theory

Parents are outraged that schools in Kansas and across the nation are indoctrinating their children with the ideology of critical race theory.